I ain't no man's concubine!

I’ve been scratching my beard lately, thinking of new features to add to Blueboy Brown that wouldn’t distract me from what my goal is, to get this book in the can. So I stumbled upon Streamyard, which is a software encoder that prepares a livestream from your desktop, in your browser, and lets you stream to multiple platforms, like You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter. You Tube records the livestream and, for those who missed the streaming event, they can watch it there. I don’t know if Facebook does that, but even if it doesn’t I can link to the YT video on any site like Twitter and FB.

I have a LOT of video of me finishing up the B&W rendering of latter pages of the book, and now I can add the coloring and finishing up on this site by embedding it. I can do it in Hi-Def too. I’ll have to wash my face before getting in front of the camera. 

I already do this in a teaching platform named Blackboard. I stream powerpoint lectures on art history to my college classes. Yes, I’m a teacher, you guys. Teaching is an indispensable function of being an artist. The research you have to do in teaching brings one deeper into what it is to be an artist. An artist’s goal is to create masterpieces. Art of such high quality that it is remembered. Not so much the artist, but art that feeds the soul of the viewer.

Let’s see what happens. The first stream is probably next week. It will be the first page of Chapter 4: Back to Work. Colored in Photoshop and letter in Illustrator. 







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