Blueboy Brown - Mennonite KillersI’m mulling over the idea of presenting Blueboy Brown as a comic book in stages. The first would be Chapters 1 & 2, Mennonite Killers, and Gettysburg, respectively. That would make it a 24 page comic with a cover making it 28 pages. Then the next one would be Chapter 3, The New Wife. That one would be 32 pages plus a cover for 36 pages. Then as chapters work out to comic books that approximate that number, between 28-36 pages, I’d roll them out. Do it through Kickstarter and publish them through Afternoon Comics.

I’ll be designing a cover for this during the month of May, and also a promo video. Look for them in the blog area.

Please give me an idea in the comments if you’d like to see this form of the comic. Eventually, a full deluxe edition of the first 148 page graphic novel would come out, too.


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