This was the first version of page 2, drawn and written in August of 2018. When I finished the book, I went back over its entirety and rewrote and redrew certain sections in order to make the story work in a consistent manner. Rewriting is the soul of writing. A third draft should always say what you want to say more clearly.  The published version does that.

Rejected page 002
First version of page 2

I’m opening up the book to all because I’ve been gone from comics for a good two generations. Some people I’ve encountered online remember me, but one or two does not make a viewer base. My old stuff can be found, but the work of a twenty-year-old doesn’t represent me as I see the world now.  I have mellowed with time. I have a much broader view of history and the forces that mold it.

Nine Books

Over the next decade or so, I have a story I’ve been planning for a dozen years. I’ve been an artist for sixty years, if you count the horse heads I drew in the first grade. After I gave up the notion of being president,  I always knew I would be an artist, and I’ve worked my tail off the become a writer.

I believe in this story.

I am of the school that believes you write about what you know. It’s the only way to achieve an authentic voice. Every part of these stories is a part of me that I know. I know these people. I know their history intimately.  My ancestors were Mennonites. Some of this stuff actually happened to them. I’ll get around to what parts those are down the road.

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Because I’ve been around. I know what is going on here. I believe Dale Luciano was right, but right at the wrong time. I had to do two things to accomplish what is happening here:

  1. Become a writer. I did this by reading poetry. I did that because prose must sing. I believe in spare prose that has its correlation in the lyrics of poetry, and in comics, the opportunity to wax on for pages is not there. I owe this development to Yeats, whose poetry I truly love.
  2. Secondly, I had to have a story. To do this I had to live and see what plays out in a life, notably mine. I had to find what works. What doesn’t work. And why. That takes time. A lifetime , in my case.

But I’m ready. The three trilogies are set. I have the production in gear and know my strategy for completing them in a decade. The first book. Mennonite Killers, was the most difficult one to do, since I was devising my Grand Plan as I did it. The Grand Plan is laid out, with provisions for the usual writing and rewriting. I always do that. I’m rewriting and redrawing pages 24-31 as I write this blog post. That is the only way to improve and polish and perfect a story. I’m having a wonderful time.

Sketch for Twins and Billy
Sketch for Twins and Billy

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